Pathway to stopping fistula

Submitted by bhushan on Fri, 05/06/2022 - 09:17

As illustrated by this infographic, the road to obstetric fistula is fraught with delays: delays in the progression of labour, delays in getting to an appropriate facility, delays in getting the proper health treatment.

For those women unfortunate enough to sustain a fistula as a result, some are able to get the advice, care and support that leads to a brighter future. Meanwhile, an estimated 2 million women and girls remain left in the isolation of living with a condition that causes incontinence and intense suffering. The goal of the Campaign to End Fistula is to prevent the condition from occurring in the first place, and to ensure that more women have an opportunity to recover from it and regain their lives.

The infographic was produced for the Campaign to End Fistula in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, a long standing supporter of fistula programmes and efforts to reduce fistula and maternal mortality by scaling-up access to maternal health services and skilled birth attendants.


Pathway to stopping fistula