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21 December, 2017

A story from Zimbabwe

Nyasha Musandu was just 12 years old when she was forced into child marriage three years ago. At 13 she fell pregnant, suffering a still birth and double fistula.

20 November, 2017

UNFCU Foundation awards UNFPA-led Campaign to End Fistula Coordinator

The UNFCU Foundation awarded Erin Anastasi, Coordinator of the UNFPA-led Campaign to End Fistula, with its 2017 Women’s Empowerment Award. The award was given at New York-based Columbus Citizens Foundation reception in November 2017.

2 October, 2017

Free fistula surgeries in Cameroon

Amina was married when she was just a child. Soon after, she became pregnant, and, at only 13 years old, she went into labour. As is the case with many girls her age, Amina’s body was not mature enough to bear a child, and she suffered an obstructed labour, an excruciating condition that could have killed her.

21 July, 2017

Rapariga Biz prevents fistula in Mozambique

“In my community, it is difficult not to see adolescent girls aged 15 to 16 years pregnant or as young mothers”, says 18-year-old Lucia Aiuba Amade from Quelimane in Mozambique's province Zambezia.


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